CSV Template Generator

This page allows you to enter a table in CSV-format and convert it to MediaWiki template calls. For more information, please see the csv2template page at my wikipedia account.

Please report comments and suggestions to the my talk page. If you just want to talk to me, please contact me on my homepage or my wikipedia account. Thank you!

CSV Data:


Separator Character:
Comma (",")
Semicolon (";")
Pipe ("|")
Colon (":")
Octothorpe ("#")
Quotation Characters:
Doubl-Quote ('"')
Quotes ('"' and ''')
None (use Escape-Character only)

Escape Character:
Backslash ("\")
Questionmark ("?")
Carat ("^")
Octothorpe ("#")
None (use Quoting only)
Convert Linebreaks in Cells:
Replace with space
Replace with <br>
Replace with

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